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Provides Maintenance Free Production...Longer

Reduced downtime

Savings on plant &


Lower operating costs

Easy maintenance

Greater productivity


"Prolong engineered polymer products enable these goals and efficiencies to be realised"

Over 35 years of exacting work with engineers, maintenance supervisors and end users has resulted in achieving the highest standards of product performance available.

All the Prolong products are grouped into classes using a unique Colour Coded Identification System to enable effective reference to the type of service being considered, eliminating specifier and user confusion.

Prolong technical information, and the users notes supplied with each kit, address the issues of working with chemicals by incorporating "Material Safety Data". Every care has been taken in developing products that are extremely user safety conscious.

Application and mixing tools provided with each kit make the job even easier.

The Prolong products are versatile, durable in service, easy to use, and provide maintenance free production longer. Only one decision remains Which Prolong product is the right one for your application?


Hard wearing range of advanced, ceramic filled products, for rebuilding, repairing or treating equipment exposed to very severe abrasive and corrosive conditions.

Ceramic Brush On

Ceramic Rebuild Putty

Abrasion Resistant Putty

HD Ceramic Putty

High Temp AR Putty

High Temp AR Brush On

- Chemical resistant brushable ceramic lining

- General purpose wear resistant putty

- Fine grade ceramic putty

- Impact resistant ceramic putty

- High service temperature ceramic putty

- High service temperature, brushable ceramic


Versatile products for effective treatment or repair of equipment when time is restricted or conditions less than ideal.

Fast Steel Putty

Wet or Dry Putty


Fast Newmetal

- Rapid cure metal repair putty

- Multipurpose adhesive putty

- Rapid cure reinforced patching adhesive

- Rapid cure ceramic filled repair putty


Products to make cleaning up safe and easy.


Hand Cleaner

- Safe cleaning for all tools and equipment

- Mild on hands but effective on soilage


Extremely durable products for use in many different repair, and tooling applications, they can be machined using conventional metal working and engineering tools.

Steel Liquid

Aluminium Putty

Aluminium Liquid

Stainless Steel Putty

Bronze Putty

High Grade Metal Putty

Steel Putty

- Steel/ferrous metal castable liquid

- Aluminium repair putty

- Aluminium castable liquid

- Stainless steel repair putty

- Bronze/copper alloy repair putty

- Highly engineered precision repair putty

- Steel/ferrous metal repair putty


Tough, flexible products to make fixtures or provide a wide variety of equipment with a durable, highly resilient coating to counter impact, vibration, abrasion and in noise attenuation duties.

Synthetic Rubber Liquid

Synthetic Rubber Brush On

Synthetic Rubber Putty Ultra

KIS Bandage Wrap

E Primer Primer

Universal Primer

- Castable rubber repair and lining liquid

- High performance brushable rubber lining

- Trowellable putty for high wear and impact

- Stretchy fabric liner or wrap

- Epoxy adhesion primer for SR products

- Single pack adhesion primer for SR products

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